Google+, Facebook, Twitter – Which Is The Best?

Google+, Facebook, Twitter – Which Is The Best?

You probably wouldn’t have started using Facebook six years ago . It was unthinkable to visit a website other than email every day. If you are reading this article, you are probably using Facebook today. Social networks are an integral part of today’s world. The biggest player is currently Facebook, but he has trumps on his Google+ sleeves . Which of these services will be the first? Which is better?

Remember when everyone predicted that MySpace would rule the world? Today it has minimal traffic. MySpace couldn’t do it. He imploded. Things are changing fast. Rapidly. Unexpectedly. Unbelievable.

Will Google+ exceed Facebook, Twitter or MySpace? My prediction is that Google+ will be highly successful and even surpass Facebook and Twitter .

Facebook and Google represent different eras of technology. Facebook is a presence, a social era. Google is a rapidly receding past, the era of the web. In most technological changes, the leaders of one era do not lead the next. They can survive as valuable companies ( Microsoft – the leader of the PC era), but they do not lead people to the next big thing.

According to that argument, Google is a thing of the past. It’s another Microsoft. Valuable, in a let-like-your-gold-watch way. But it is not essential in the future. Let him leave it to new children, with their energy and ideas.

Except that Google isn’t stagnating. Its core business is still growing. And the management was wise enough to see the Facebook train approach and be able to do something about it. Google has initiated major social projects while improving its flagship products. He mercilessly destroyed inefficient innovations. It has successfully moved into a completely new market (mobile operating system) in a maneuver reminiscent of Apple’s expansion from computers to music players ( iPads ) and phones ( iPhones ).

Just as Facebook was at the height of its fame, it began to be threatened by stiff competition. Google, the father of the Internet, has come up with a new page known as Google+. In which ways is Google+ better from Facebook?

Security.You can argue that Facebook has excellent privacy where you can block certain people from seeing your profile, photos, videos and other information. At the same time, you can’t deny the fact that protection settings are very complicated. They often create confusion that can lead to mistakes. In real life, for example, we don’t want to reveal our wild side to our boss. Google+ understands this and has the function of so-called circles. This feature creates different pages for different groups of people. You can create a separate circle for friends, family and bosses. You can also create another subgroup of friends under your friends. For example, the friends you go to have fun with may be in one group, the friends you want to have fun with may be in the second circle, and the people you go with to play volleyball in the third circle.

Virtual meetings. You can’t deny how annoying the wall on Facebook is. When you want to have a personal conversation with your friend, there is always someone to run into you. In the end, you will solve this by sending messages to the “inbox”, and we are back in the last century. Google+ has a “Hangouts” feature that is a lifeline for those who wait until they come up with teleportation vs facebook

Fun. It must have happened that you were bored on Facebook. Games like FarmVille and FishVille no longer interest you as before. Even dependence on them is already subsiding. Although the fun is supposed to fill your free time and not engage you when you are busy. You can always find what you’re interested in, from music to fashion on Google+. So when you don’t know what to do, there’s always something you can find, look at, read and share later.

u are a few reasons why Google+ will be better than Facebook over time:

Google has a good reputation . Google brought great results when no one thought they were needed. For example, Yahoo !, Inktomi and AltaVista were pretty good search engines and Hotmail was pretty good email.
Google takes its business very seriously. Vic Gundotra, the person who runs Google+, reports directly to Google CEO Larry Page. Google+ is one of the basic parts of Google’s functionality.
Google has an infinite amount of money and talent . This does not mean that they are guaranteed success, but they are certainly not to the detriment.
Google owns the river. Google owns one of the largest rivers of Internet traffic and can drive traffic to Google+ whenever it wants. For example, when Google put an arrow on their search page pointing to a button that allowed them to enter Google+, thousands of people signed up.
The key to social media is to use the right tools. Not “everyone” should use Twitter or Facebook, or Google, because everyone has different needs. In addition, these services are not excluded, so you can use them at once. How to decide which service to use?

Twitter = perspectives. Twitter is great for receiving or sending instant prospects for news or events. In other words, if you want to learn about the earthquake in Japan before CNN and you like to receive notifications from the Japanese from the scene, then Twitter is for you.

Facebook = people. Facebook is a way to get to know what is going on in the lives of people you know (friends, family, colleagues). It’s great if you want to know that the cat fell asleep on the table, or that someone was at a great party, that a cub or children were born, or a canary died. Facebook is for people.

Google+ = passion. Google+ lets you track your passions with people you don’t know. Your 50 friends and family on Facebook are unlikely to share your passion for photography, but you can have a great time with the photographer community on Google+. In short, Google+ is for passion.

Google+ is like a Macintosh. Although it is better, fewer people use it. It’s the same with Google+ now. It is better, better quality but less people use it yet. With the collapse of Facebook on the stock market in recent days and the quality of the services offered, I believe that Google+ is gradually gaining ground in the first place in social networks and it will pleasantly surprise us all with what it will bring.

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