Project Kony 2012 – Joseph Kony – LRA

Project Kony 2012 – Joseph Kony – LRA

Kony 2012
“Who are you to end the war? I’m here to tell you who you’re not to do? ” Jason Russell

Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) brought violence, slavery, and suffering to many men, women, and children. Especially women who face unspeakable rapes and children who have been abducted and forced to become child soldiers. They were sometimes forced to kill their own parents. The girls were also forced to become soldiers, but many of them were primarily considered sex slaves for leading a paramilitary LRA. The fear created by the rushing army caused a widespread exodus of many people in northern Uganda during the 1980-1990 conflict. “Kony 2012” is a project aimed at stopping this war criminal.

More than 1.5 million people in northern Uganda fear Joseph Kony (Kony 2012) and are hated by millions more. He is at the top of the list of the most wanted people of the International Criminal Court (ICC) for war crimes. He is commander of the Ugandan Partisan Group.

Joseph Kony is the head of the army and cult. He claims to be God’s spokesman and wants to transform Uganda according to his principles. In 1987, he formed the rebel group LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) and has been fighting the Ugandan government ever since. The LRA operates mainly in Uganda, but also in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic, South Sudan and Sudan. If he wins, he wants to make Uganda a theocracy with laws based on his misguided cult interpretation of the 10 commandments of God.

According to previous estimates, Kony’s LRA abducted about 60,000 children . He turns kidnapped girls into sex slaves, boys from slaves or LRA fighters. Often abducted children have to kill their own parents so that they have nowhere to return. Many times when the Ugandan army attacks the LRA, children are used as baits, defenseless sent to the front lines. The kidnapped girls who like Kony and his commander will become their wives. Kony is thought to have 60. They cut off their noses, lips, or ears for troubled children and captives, and then they have to eat their own meat.

Kony is a former minister from Northern Uganda. The abducted children who managed to escape from the LRA say that Kony believes he is receiving instructions from the Holy Spirit. He created an aura of fear and mysticism around himself, and the rebels must follow strict rules and rituals. Ideologically, Kony’s group is a combination of various conflicting teachings: mysticism, the acholi of nationalism, and Christian fundamentalism.

“When you go to fight, you make a sign of the cross first. If you don’t, you’ll die. You have to make a cross mark on the chest, forehead and on each shoulder with oil, just as you have to make a cross mark on your weapon with oil. They say that oil is the power of the Holy Spirit. ” Said one young fighter who managed to escape from the LRA.

The Kony 2012 project is an initiative of a non-profit organization called Invisible Childrenfrom California, who set out to mediate Kony. They hope the video will increase support for his arrest. The ultimate goal is to arrest Kony, which can only be done with the help of the US military. The US troops are already in Uganda, but if the public is not interested in Kony, they will be withdrawn. One of the main milestones of the Kony 2012 project is the night of April 20, 2012, when many people who support the project take to the streets and stick Kony 2012 posters on most cities around the world. They also want to make the public interested in the most wanted criminal of this time. The Kony 2012 video below has reached tens of millions of views in a few days of existence. The project thus got from social networks to televisions and newspapers around the world

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