Three Gambling Strategies For A Sure Win

Three Gambling Strategies For A Sure Win

The person who recognizes his weaknesses and works on them progresses. You cannot know everything and there is nothing to be ashamed of in it. The only matter of concern is when you do not try and put in some serious efforts to make it right.

Learning is good for both studies and entertainment. Yes! Imagine yourself sitting on a poker table and you do not know how it works. You will surely lose. You need to be very attentive while playing poker as the focus is observing people minutely to know if they have a strong hand. This makes you gamble.

It is important to know the difference between a gambling strategy and a gambling system. The former is a set of rules by which you increase your odds of winning a game mathematically while the latter proposes to increase your odds at winning but their success is not proved mathematically.

Gambling actions fall into many categories. But for the sake of understanding, we will categories the strategies into three. The players can understand which game is to be played by which strategy to give them an edge over others and win considerably.


1. The game where no strategy works

Gambling is all about the thrill and sheer fun. Studies have been conducted on why people get so hooked up and get addicted to gambling. It was revealed that people experienced a heightened state of happiness because of dopamine release. Playing releases 10 times more dopamine than taking drugs. So, for most, if people, gambling is all about fun.

This is why they indulge in games where pure luck plays its part. Games like roulette, carps, wheel of fortune, sic bo, slot machines, bingo, lotteries, pull tabs, keno and hazard are based on chance. There is no proven strategy by which players can have great odds of playing and winning at these games. The only thing that can save you is to quit when you lose several times in a row.strategy works

2. The game where some strategy works

Some games have the scope where the player can follow some unspoken rules to lower the house edge and convert it into their win. However, there is no proven track record that it will work. Eventually, it all depends on the odds. However, a group of MIT graduates minted money in casinos in the 80s by counting cards in blackjack. So, some strategy works in poker, betting and baccarat.

3. The Ace if all categories


It takes a lot of time for a gambler to become well-versed in the rules of gambling games to come into this category. You may get caught counting cards on blackjack but no one can ban you for winning at poker. It takes time and patience to be able to observe people and be able to predict their reactions when they get a good hand. If you can crack this code, you can certainly become the master of the third most potent category.

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