Wandering Through Nature: Ultra Trail Du Prešporok

Wandering Through Nature: Ultra Trail Du Prešporok

Ultra trail du Prešporok is, in my opinion, a very interesting and catchy name. This caught my attention and earned me a big plus before I found out what it was all about. Ultra trail du Prešporok, October running event, autumn farewell to the running season 2013 in Slovakia, another 100ka, which is pleasantly close and at worst I will take home by tram…, training at Pražská 100ka (which I haven’t run yet), training at UTMB (which I haven’t run yet) , training for everything I haven’t run yet.

UTP elevation profile ultra trail du presporok
Kilometer (50) altimeters (1,850)

I looked in my diary and prayed I would have the weekend off. Fortunately, this was the case and I immediately started planning: who I would go with, how I would go, I was planning a route, kilometers, altitude meters (although it wouldn’t help me when breaking bread ) ; I already have it in mind and the whole circus around the ultra trail. I’m looking forward to having a baby get a new toy.

I register as soon as possible. I am waiting for D-Day, which was scheduled for 26 October. A few days after registration, I found out that on Sunday the 27th I had to go to a family celebration in the Czech Republic, so with sadness in my heart I declared myself on the 50km track. I decided for the first time to try “long-time crawling” and to go through this “sports – tourist – recession – entertainment-training meeting of fans of ultra-distances” (UTP, 2013). My partner became a friend for whom this event was supposed to be her first ultra distance.

It is approx. 6.50am, we get off the bus number 83 in front of the Dúbravka cultural house together with about 20 suspiciously running / tourist-dressed people. This was followed by a quick registration, a voluntary contribution and fleeting greetings from familiar faces. Before the start of the Ultra trail du Prešporok, one more photo together and we are already on the road towards Devínska Kobyla.Ultra trail du Prešporok route 50km

Waking up in the morning, silence, gentle fog, forest, but beauty. My girlfriend set such a pace that I didn’t care and I hoped she would slow down. It was hopeful… We pushed around Devínská Kobyla, followed by Sandberg and a beautiful road along the blue tourist sign, which I had no idea about Devín. There is the first snack bar and the obligatory Borovička under the table.

We continue along the red sign through the village to the Narrow Forest where we meet Lipšica, who went for a run. We greet politely “Hello”, because in the “mountains” we are all equal. From there, turn red and head towards the city. To my great surprise, the red brand in Bratislava is very well maintained. Another big plus for the Ultra trail du Prešporok.

On the way up from Mlynská dolina to Slavín, I got really sweaty (the hill must have at least a 40% climb!) , And that was followed by the Mountain Park with kofola and hot tea in the local mountain hut. A group of long-time reptiles, who came with us at the same time, were already drinking with the obligatory punches and roping us at 100k. We resisted. I wear hiking boots and comfortable running shoes, which I did with the beginning of the blister on my left leg.

Horáreň Kofola Tea Ultra trail du Prešporok

After a short break, we set off in the direction of Železná studienka. To my great surprise, my girlfriend starts running. We walk through the beginning of the forest at the Military Hospital and head through Klanec to Kamzík. We are overtaking a professionally dressed ultra runner / hiker, which makes me very happy, but a few minutes later we are overtaken by a 12-year-old boy with his father pushing mountain bikes up the hill… what already. Finally, Kamzík, a break, lokshes and strange-looking people from the election campaign for I don’t know who, we are sitting.

Another 4 km down the hill to Pekná Cesta we will run along the yellow sign with a smile on our face. We will find chia, jonťák, nutella breads, magnesium, salt, bananas, cheese and all the conveniences of ultra trails (beauty to watch) , which remained the organizers of the Low Tatras fighter. We meet old acquaintances again: seasoned long-crawlers with a pin in hand, with whom we keep pace anyway. Some already show a relaxed mood caused by a combination of endorphins, alcohol, good company and physical fatigue (and they are still faster than us) .

We set off for the last 10km. Still to fight: Malinský Vrch, Pánova lúka and Zbojnička. We are finally overtaking our long-reptile shooters (just because they stopped for another beer at a buffet along the way) . As usual, the last kilometers are the most difficult but also the most beautiful. Before our eyes, the fabulously beautiful scenery of the autumn Little Carpathians opens up to us, which will resonate in my memory for a long time to come.

Ultra trail du Prešporok scenery

Finally, we enter Rača and look for a cultural center. Time 10 hours 15 minutes. We are tired but satisfied. I collapse into a chair and treat myself to a well-deserved beer ( and what’s not tapped ). We rest, we get a diploma, we thank the organizers very nicely and after a while we go to a nearby restaurant to properly replenish the calories burned.

Suddenly, someone cries around us ( pace about 4.50 min / km ). I stare, straight and rude behind him, and shake my head in disbelief. He didn’t look tired at all !!! I remember the words of one of the organizers of the Ultra trail du Prešporok: “We call their category ‘studs’. The first 5 should not be noticed – normal times start after them. ”Hat down, gentlemen, and I would like to pay tribute to Mikuláš Kérim (11:00) for such an excellent time on the historically first 103 km of the Ultra trail du Prešporok.

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